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We hope this will allow BSBMTCT to become more interactive with all our society members and partners and we are very interested in any feedback on the site, ideas for content and for improvements. We hope that this website becomes a useful source of information as well as a key media interaction portal. We will endeavour to keep it up-to-date with key announcements, guidance and information as we review the contents on a regular basis.

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UK and Ireland Paediatric BMT Group COVID de-escalation policy - updated 19th May 2020 http://www.bsbmtct.org/uk-and-ireland-paediatric-bmt-group-guidelines-on-re-escalation-policy-19th-may-2020/

BSBMTCT Recommendations for COVID Adult BMT. Updated 18th May 2020. http://www.bsbmtct.org/bsbmtct-recommendations-for-covid-adult-bmt-18th-may-2020/

WBMT live webinar: "COVID-19 and stem cell transplantation, a Worldwide perspective" 14th May 2020 from 14.00 to 15.30 CEST http://www.bsbmtct.org/events/wbmt-webinar-covid-19-and-stem-cell-transplantation-a-worldwide-perspective/

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