Anthony Nolan Cost of Living Research

Anthony Nolan Cost of Living Research

We believe the current cost of living crisis is having a disproportionate impact on stem cell transplant patients and their families. We’re hearing from patients struggling to afford to heat their homes, buy food and pay for travel to and from hospital, all of which are vital for their survival. Some patients are even having to return to work earlier than advised, putting their recovery at risk.

We are running a survey to better understand how stem transplant and CAR-T patients and their families are being affected and what support is needed. The findings will help Anthony Nolan to tell the story of the impact the cost of living crisis is having. Your answers will also help us to understand what type of support we should be calling on the government to put in place.

If you are a healthcare professional and work with patients who are being impacted, we’re asking you to share your experiences with our team who are campaigning on their behalf. You can complete the survey at:

By completing this survey, you will be helping to ensure that Anthony Nolan can continue to focus on the issues that matter most to patients and their families. Should you have any questions, please contact

There is financial support available to stem cell transplant patients and blood cancer patients. This includes sick pay and other benefits, and one-off grants from Anthony Nolan and other charities. This money can help with the cost of recovery. It’s really important patients don’t return to work earlier than advised after their transplant where possible. For more details on what support is on offer, please visit our dedicated webpage:


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