BSBMTCT Registry Team

The BSBMTCT Data Registry Team consists of a team of 5 members; a Head of Registry Julia Lee, a Medical Statistician; Rachel Pearce and 3 Senior Data Managers, Marie Wilson, Ruth Paul and Clementina Abamba. The Data Registry Team supports all aspects of Data Management and Data Quality within the BMT and Cellular Therapy setting for the BSBMTCT. We currently support 50 BSBMTCT Member centres across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. We provide training to staff within these centres on the requirements for BMT and Cellular Therapy submissions to BSBMTCT/EBMT Registries and to the relevant commissioners, such as NHS England (NHSE). We provide training and support on the use of the designated EBMT BMT database; ProMISe. We hold annual Data Management Training days for data management teams, and provide support for data entry and data retrieval. We act as an interface between the EBMT Office/Working parties on any data issues. We work closely with Anthony Nolan and other International Donor Registries and provide donor follow up. As a repository of BMT and Cellular Therapy data, we also provide both data and statistical support for research activities which all go through the BSBMTCT CTSC. We can also provide ad hoc data to Industry.

Julia Lee
Head of BSBMTCT Data Registry

Julia is currently the Head of the BSBMTCT Data Registry based in London. She started at the BSBMTCT as a Data Manager in 2008 before becoming the Deputy Head in September 2013. She then became the Head of Registry in April 2017. Julia has over 14 years’ experience working in the field of BMT Data Management. She leads a team of 4 consisting of one Statistician and three Senior Data Managers. Julia is also the Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) of the BSBMTCT.

Loves: My little man (of course) and Sloths!

Rachel Pearce
BSBMTCT Statistician

Rachel started off with EBMT Lymphoma Registry in the 1980s, then the main EBMT Registry in the early 90s. After a few years working in cardiovascular research she returned to the fold in 2005 as BSBMTCT Statistician to assist the Clinical Trials Committee in the planning and analysis of retrospective studies. Her role has expanded since then, but she still spends most of her time analysing outcomes after stem cell transplant in one way or another.

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Marie C Wilson
BSBMTCT Senior Data Manager

Marie is a Senior Data Manager at the BSBMTCT Registry with extensive data management experience within the field of HSCT since 2000, and a specialisation in unrelated donor transplants and HLA. Her role as the CAR-T/cellular therapy lead within the Registry keeps evolving.

Ruth Paul
BSBMTCT Senior Data Manager

Ruth is a Senior Data Manager at the BSBMTCT Data Registry and has been in the post since 2008. Ruth is a very experienced Data Manager providing support to over 50 member centres across the UK and ROI. A large part of her role is also being the Induction Manual Lead. This has involved creating the structure and the many components which come together to form this online learning platform.


Clementina Abamba
BSBMTCT Senior Data Manager

Clementina is a Senior Data Manager who joined the BSBMTCT Registry team in 2017. She has experience in areas including Data & Performance Management, Business Requirement Analysis and Project Support. Her role currently includes the position of a Data Protection Lead and other website strategy and maintenance tasks that help the efficient running of our virtual space.

Loves: Family and supporting causes that aid the welfare of children.


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