April 2024, Issue 4

Dear BSBMTCT member,

The BSBMTCT were very honoured to be included and involved in the 50th Annual Meeting of EBMT held in Glasgow on the 14th to 17th April 2024. We were very happy to see so many of you there in person, it was a fantastic meeting to meet with old friends and colleagues and a great opportunity to form new friendships and partnerships.

This meeting allowed a unique opportunity for members of the BSBMTCT to meet in person with representatives from both their Canadian and Australian and New Zealand counterparts; CTTC and ANZTCT. All three organisations have been looking to work more closely together and share best practices between all areas and roles. (Picture below)

The BSBMTCT gave out 33 meeting grants to attend the EBMT congress in Glasgow either in person or virtually, we do hope each and every one that received the grant had a fantastic meeting and we look forward to hearing all it in a report in due course. Please send all reports to Registry Head, Julia Lee, julia.lee@kcl.ac.uk Guidance notes https://bsbmtct.org/bsbmtct-meeting-grants/

We have been informed that the next maintenance mode for the EBMT registry (https://www.ebmt.org/registry/registry-release-updates) will occur between the 14-17th May (Start 14th May at 12:00 CET to 16th May at 16:00 CET) with updates that will likely affect the data in the registry. During this time, you will not have access to the EBMT Registry. Taking this into consideration, the BSBMTCT Data registry has decided to extend the deadline again for the BSBMTCT Executive Summary/Commissioner’s Report data submissions. Any data entered before the 20th May will be included in the reports.

The BSBMTCT has also recently sent to all centre Programme Directors a letter on the 21st March 2024, regarding the increase in the BSBMTCT subscription fees, this is to reflect the increased volume of work and also inflation rises. We are very grateful that everyone has been very understanding and supportive of these increases. Thank you to everyone that has already paid.

We would also like to draw your attention to the latest BSBMTCT SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination Statement updated on the 4th April 2024. Available here:  https://bsbmtct.org/vaccination-sub-committee/ Thank you to Chair of the BSBMTCT Vaccination Sub Committee, Professor Thushan de Silva and the team.


We would like to remind you of the upcoming events:


 Our Very Best Wishes, Eduardo Olavarria, John Snowden, Deborah Richardson, Fiona Dignan, Harpreet Kaur & Julia Lee


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