January 2023, Issue 1

Dear BSBMTCT member,


We would like to wish all our members a very Happy 2023 and we very much look forward to hopefully seeing some of you at our upcoming meetings.

  • The New Year brings in new Board of Trustees members: we welcome Eduardo Olavarria as our new BSBMTCT President for the next two years, and a very warm welcome to Harpreet Kaur who joins us as BSBMTCT Treasurer for the next three years. We would like to wholeheartedly thank John Snowden for all his hard work and achievements over his two years as President, he still remains within the Board as Past-President for another couple of years. Finally, a heartfelt thank you to Kim Orchard who will be leaving the Board once he has ended his 2 years as Past-President.
  • The Executive Committee has also been looking for UK JACIE representatives to join the committee in January. We have had many high calibre applicants and will be contacting those that applied shortly. We are exploring the possibility of creating a JACIE Sub-Committee.
  • Fairness is important in our Society and our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)survey is now out and will provide invaluable information for the future of our Society, as well as meeting various requirements as a professional and charitable organisation. Thank you to those that have already submitted, if you haven’t yet responded the link can be found here: https://bsbmtct.org/bsbmtct-equality-diversity-and-inclusion-survey/ We are looking to close the survey at the end of March 2023 to begin analysis.
  • The next meeting of the Clinical Trials Sub-Committee chaired by Ram Malladi will be held virtually on Tuesday 7th February. The agenda and meeting link have already been circulated this week. We are also making a call for new study proposals this time. If you are interested in submitting a proposal or didn’t get the email please email lee@kcl.ac.uk for more details.
  • The ACCIA has announced it will be providing training via a webinar on the Overview of the National Clinical Impact Awards process on Monday 6th February 2-4pm. To register your free place visit the link here. A recording of the webinar will be made available to those that aren’t able to attend, and this will be circulated by the BSBMTCT NCIA SC in due course.
  • We continue to campaign on key issues – and sometimes campaigns can be won! You will have recently received notification about the expanded recommendations from the JCVI for Herpes Zoster Vaccine (Shingrix) for our patients 18 years and older, following a joint campaign between Anthony Nolan and BSBMTCT. Please see link here: BSBMTCT and Anthony Nolan Joint Statement: Shingrix Vaccine recommended for all adult HSCT recipients – British Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation
  • The ‘Ruxolitinib campaign’ is ongoing, and we’re doing our best to support centres getting fair revision of the NHS re-imbursement tariff for CARTs, as well as access to bone marrow harvesting kits and other basic items of equipment and reagents that have been compromised by supply chain issues. Our close working and partnership within the BSBMTCT Executive with Anthony Nolan, NHS representatives, and NHSBT helps to address these issues. Please let us know of any other issues!


 Otherwise please save the dates for the upcoming BSBMTCT events :

  • BSBMTCT CTSC Meeting – 7th February 2023 – virtual meeting
  • BSBMTCT Scientific Day 2023Wednesday 17 May 2023, as a hybrid meeting
  • BSBMTCT Scientific showcase for Advanced Cell Therapy (ACT) subcommittee 2023 Monday 19th June 2023.
  • BSBMTCT Education Day 2023 Wednesday 1st November 2023, as a hybrid meeting


 Our Very Best Wishes,


Eduardo Olavarria, John Snowden, Deborah Richardson, Fiona Dignan, Harpreet Kaur & Julia Lee





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