May 2024, Issue 5

Dear BSBMTCT member,

It has been a very busy and productive May, we are excited to share some updates with you…

The Executive Committee members ( met on the 21st May to discuss all matters BSBMTCT. The committee meet twice a year in the Spring and then again in Autumn.

It was an extremely productive meeting with lots of exciting discussions and developments:

  • Our Charity Consultant David Reynolds chaired a session on the Strategic Review process following the recent interviews and survey results. We discussed how we move forward with developing our own strategy for the BSBMTCT.
  • We welcomed our newest member Raakhee Shah who is our Pharmacist Representative.
  • We will be looking to hold some elections soon for Chair of the Complications Sub Committee (Thank you to Dr Francesca Kinsella who has stepped up as our interim Chair).
  • Current President Professor Eduardo Olavarria’s term ends on the 31st December 2024, we then welcome Dr Deborah Richardson as new BSBTMCT President from January 2025. We will be holding nominations and elections for the next BSBMTCT President Elect in the next few months.
  • Julia Lee, Head of BSBMTCT Registry joined the EBMT Registry Committee as National Registry Representative since December 2023. This role enables close relationships between the BSBMTCT and EBMT registry counterparts and also ensures that the UK and ROI voice is heard.
  • Chair of the Scientific Sub Committee, Professor Matthew Collin is also looking for new members for his committee. The Scientific SC arranges the annual BSBMTCT Scientific Days held in the Spring. Please email for more information.

We had a very successful BSBMTCT Scientific Day on the 22nd May, organised by the fantastic Professor Matthew Collin. The theme was “Graft Engineering”. Thank you to all our speakers, Dr Su Han Lum, Professor Despina Moshous, Dr Mili Shah, Professor Ronjon Chakraverty, Professor Leo Luznik and Professor Sandra Cohen. Also to our John Goldman Abstract Prize Competition speakers and a big thank you to our Sponsors.

Congratulations to the two John Goldman Abstract Prize Winners, Dr Andrea Meinhardt for Clinical Science and Dr Matthew Shaw for Basic Science.

Some other updates:

The new BSBMTCT Guidance on Storage and Discard of Cellular Therapy products is now available on our website along with the Consent template and Information leaflet. Thank you to Dr Rachel Pawson, Dr Sue Davey, Dr Jon Smythe and Dr Deborah Richardson for making this possible.

Thank you to everyone that has submitted data to the registry as part of the 15th BSBMTCT Executive Summary/Commissioner’s Report looking at 2018 to 2022 data. The deadline for all submissions has now closed and analysis has now begun. Reports will be available in October 2024.

We would like to remind you of the upcoming events:


Our Very Best Wishes, Eduardo Olavarria, John Snowden, Deborah Richardson, Fiona Dignan, Harpreet Kaur & Julia Lee



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