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Hello and welcome to the BSBMTCT Induction Manual.  If you are enrolled, then you are involved in stem cell transplantation and cellular therapy or maybe you are about to take your first steps into this complex and fascinating area.

The following lessons and topics within this module will introduce the concept of the Induction Manual including how and why it was created.

Introduction to the Induction Manual at a glance, what to expect:

  • What is the Induction Manual and why is it needed?
  • The Modules
    • The 10 Modules that form the core of the Induction Manual
    • The Reference Section
    • Form & Data Entry Tips
    • The Extras Section
    • Abstracts, Posters and Presentations
  • Your user profile
    • It’s yours make it work for you
  • Introduce yourself
    • Say Hi to your peers

After the initial Launch and Module release, the remaining Sections and Modules will slowly be released onto the platform. Updates will be posted on the Data Managers Forum, the Registry Newsletter and in some cases via email.

Before you go on to explore the platform here is a short introduction video from Ruth Paul who is the Induction Manual Lead at the BSBMTCT Data Registry.

The following Lesson “How to Navigate the Platform” contains information on how to use the platform and a link to the slide deck from the Induction Manual presentation given at the Data Management Day in 2022.

Once you have learnt how to use the platform, you can go on to read about how and why the Induction Manual was created. There are many different components which come together to form the Induction Manual and they will all be documented for you here.


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