Module 2: General Duties within Bone Marrow Transplant Data Management

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Introduction and Learning Objectives

In this module we will go through the general duties that may be required from BMT Data Management staff in your centre.  This may vary as all centres have their own systems in place and ways of working.  The core areas have been covered in this module, so if they do not form part of your role, you will be familiar with them if you come across them.

The information in this module is to help familiarise you with some of the possible processes and portals you may need to use:

  • NHS Speciality Services Dashboards
  • Joint Accreditation Committee ISCT & EBMT
  • Who they are and what they do
  • Preparing for JACIE inspections
  • Stem Cell Discard
  • Engraftment Data and why you will need to collect it
  • NHS Portals
  • What they are
  • How and why, you will use them
  • Glossary

The BSBMTCT Induction Manual is a flexible learning platform which allows you to study at your own pace.  There is a short quiz at the end of this module to help you reflect on any knowledge you have acquired.  Upon completion of the quiz a printable certificate will be issued, which you can also store in your user profile.

Interspersed throughout the module are links to articles, and media which you may find of further interest.  These mixed media inclusions have been added as a further resource on the topics covered within this module and offer a more in-depth view

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