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The Induction Manual in its entirety offers a basic foundation of knowledge to introduce the reader into the world of BMT. The tiered approached has also been used in the more complex modules, where an extra topic can be read to gather more detail on the subject. To compliment this, interspersed throughout the modules are links and suggestions to offer further reading and greater depth of knowledge if your interest has been piqued. This also extends to the Reference Section. The Glossaries are extensive, use them for basic reference or out of interest to build your knowledge base.

The Glossaries are numbered and broken down into sections for ease of reference as some are rather large. This will also help you pin point exactly which glossary you need to reference quickly.

As we have mentioned in previous modules every specialist area has its own language and this can feel daunting and frustrating if you are unfamiliar with it. These glossaries have been created with this in mind and we hope you find them helpful.

There will be 6 glossaries in total:


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