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Data Managers Discussion Board

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BSBMTCT Meeting Grants Application Form NEW (For Band 7 or lower posts)

Upcoming DM Training Days: 

TBC – 24th November 2022 Virtual Event

Past DM Training Days:

4th DM Training Day 16th September 2021 ( Presentations in DM Forum) ( Presentation in DM forum)

3rd DM Training Day 26th September 2019 ( Presentations in DM Forum)

2nd DM Training Day 22nd February 2018 (Include presentations)

1st DM Training Day 21st September 2017 (includes presentations)

Registry related Data Protection Information:

Database Breach Management

BSBMTCT Registry Newsletter:

Issue 1 January 2021

Issue 2 March 2021

Issue 3 June 2021

Issue 4 October 2021

Issue 5 January 2022

Registry Presentations at EBMT Congress: 

The Role of National Registries in Data Management_Julia Lee_EBMT2021_March


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