Welcome to the BSBMTCT E-learning and the Induction Manual.  Here you will find many layers which come together to form the Induction Manual.

Initially only the following components will be available on the platform:

  • Introduction to the BSBMTCT Induction Manual
  • Module 1: Introduction to the BSBMTCT
  • Module 2: General Duties of Bone Marrow Transplant Data Management Staff
  • Module 10: Retrospective Studies and Clinical trials

The remaining 7 core modules and the following IM Sections will be released on to the platform throughout the year:

  • The Induction Manual Extras – where you will find a collection of BSBMTCT research projects which may be of interest
  • Data Entry Hints and Tips – a “frequently asked questions” section where you will find tips to help within your role
  • The Reference section – A selection of glossaries.
  • Abstracts, Posters and Presentations – A selections of work written by or including the work of the BSBMTCT Team.

Collectively all the Induction Manual components provide a good foundation knowledge which will be of help to Bone Marrow Transplant Data Management Staff.



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