Indications Table


BSBMTCT Indications for Adult BMT

David Marks (chair), Jenny Byrne, Charlie Craddock, Steve Devereux, Judith Marsh, Ghulam Mufti, Tony Pagliuca, Steve Robinson, John Reilly, John Snowden, Linda Evans, and Nigel Russell.

The aim was to provide an up to date indications table for transplanters, referring haematologists and purchasers recognising that the EBMT table is out of date and may not apply to UK practice. Several rarer diseases are not covered but will be added subsequently.

Members of the committee worked in their specific areas of expertise but all members had an opportunity to review and comment on the final table. This table will require updating regularly. Comments are welcomed.

The BSBMT executive has agreed that members of the indications table committee will form a ‘virtual’ Adjudication Committee. Where there are disputes about funding or the indication is not listed in the table this group will provide rapid access to impartial expert advice about whether a proposed transplant procedure is appropriate and in keeping with mainstream UK practice. Transplant physicians are asked to contact the chair of the committee at:

Adult Indications Table

Latest version of the Adult Indications Table (Autoimmune Diseases Reviewed&Updated Oct 2013, Lymphoma Reviewed & Updated Sept 2013, CML Reviewed&Updated Jan 2012, Solid Tumours Reviewed & Updated Feb 2012).

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UK Paed BMT HSCT Indications Table

Latest Paediatric Indications Table

Latest version of the PAED Indications Table. (UPDATED OCT 2015)

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Any queries regarding this document please email Prof Rob Wynn, Chair UK Paediatric BMT Group at


S = standard of care

SO = clinical option, can be considered after assessment of risks and benefits

D = developmental, further trials are needed

GNR = generally not recommended

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