BSBMTCT National Clinical Impact Awards (NCIAs) Sub-Committee 2024

The BSBMTCT ACCEA , now re-named National Clinical Impact Awards (NCIAs) subcommittee was formed in August 2008 to support BSBMTCT members making applications for national clinical excellence awards. This process enables the BSBMTCT to recognise, in an appropriate way, the contributions of haematologists and transplant physicians who have furthered the cause of stem cell transplantation in the UK and have promoted the work of the BSBMTCT.

From March 2023, National Clinical Impact Awards (NCIA) scheme applications will no longer include rankings and citations from national nominating organisations. Applicants will now be able to seek guidance from any number of relevant membership organisations (MOs) they wish to approach. MOs may review draft applications, providing pointers and advice, but must not edit or critique the text directly, as the application must be written solely by the applicant. The Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards (ACCIA) will use standard academic software to assess applications to detect plagiarism or repetition.

2024 Expected Round: (Applies to England and Wales only)

  • 4 March to 5pm on 15 April 2024 – applications open
  • 16 April to 9 June 2024 – first round scoring
  • 19 June to 11 August 2024 – National 3 (N3) scoring
  • 17 June to 4 November 2024 – governance review
  • 4 October to 27 October 2024 – National Reserve Sub-committee (NRES) scoring
  • mid to end of November 2024 – main committee finalisation of recommendations
  • December 2024 – recommendations to and sign-off by ministers
  • January 2025 – notifications sent to successful applicants and finance processes initiated to back pay awards
  • January to February 2025 – appeals window open

Here are some links provided by the ACCIA that might be useful to those applying:

(Note re. the offline form the substantive content (job plan, domains etc.) is identical to the new 2024 form. The only changes will be to layout and the removal of some questions e.g. local award level.)

2024 Membership Organisation Guide

Contacts and Queries

If you have any queries about the BSBMTCT NCIAs Sub Committee or would like some support please get in touch with either Prof Gordon Cook (BSBMTCT NCIAs Committee Chair) at  or  Julia Lee (Committee Administrator) at


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