BSBMTCT National Clinical Impact Awards (NCIAs) Sub-Committee 2022

The BSBMTCT ACCEA , now re-named National Clinical Impact Awards (NCIAs) subcommittee was formed in August 2008 to support BSBMTCT members making applications for national clinical excellence awards. This process enables the BSBMTCT to recognise, in an appropriate way, the contributions of haematologists and transplant physicians who have furthered the cause of stem cell transplantation in the UK and have promoted the work of the BSBMTCT.

The BSBMTCT still remains one of the National Nominating Organisations (NNOs) and is able to support 5 new awards across the 3 levels of awards (Level 1- lowest, Level 2, Level 3 – highest) .

Each year the BSBMTCT NICAs Sub Committee offers to consider BSBMTCT members who are applying for national clinical awards for additional specialist society support. In addition, they also proactively encourage members to apply for national awards with potential BSBMTCT support. The committee then meets, and discusses the applications received, deciding which to support and placing the selected candidates in rank order. They then submit these ranked lists to the relevant national award committee, with an accompanying citation stressing the specialist contribution made to the field of haematology and BMT by each candidate.

Membership of BSBMTCT NCIAs Committee

In accordance with ACCIA regulations, the BSBMTCT NCIAs Sub Committee consists of a Chair, a lay member, and additional BSBMTCT members including representative from the BSBMTCT Executive, and general membership, and consultants both with and without national awards.

The current 2022 committee is as follows:

  • Prof Gordon Cook (BSBMTCT ACCEA Committee Chair)
  • Prof John Snowden (BSBMTCT President)
  • Dr Charles Crawley (BSBMTCT member with or without a national award)
  • Dr Fiona Dignan (BSBMTCT member with or without a national award)
  • Prof Persis Amrolia (Paediatric Representative)
  • Prof Rob Wynn (Paediatric Representative)
  • Dr Andrew Clark (BSBMTCT member with or without a national award)
  • Susan Cleaver (lay member with an understanding of BMT nationally)
  • Julia Lee (Administrator and non-voting member)

Evidence of Excellence

The BSBMTCT NCIAs Sub-Committee is particularly interested in candidates who can demonstrate any of the below criteria

  • Publication of BMT related papers in high impact scientific journals
  • Contributions to transplantation nationally and internationally eg work with BSBMTCT, the European BMT Group and the Center for International BMT Research
  • Obtaining BMT related grants from major authorities
  • Involvement as PI or CoPI in BMT related trials
  • Research that pushes the boundaries of BMT eg different donor sources, new therapies for infection, making transplantation safer
  • Being able to show that the applicant has a national or international reputation and that the applicant’s clinical or scientific opinion is sought
  • Work towards improving education in BMT nationally and internationally
  • Being able to show that the applicant’s BMT unit obtains excellent results
  • Being able to demonstrate innovations which have contributed to the development of BMT practice

Sifting and ranking procedure

The BSBMTCT NCIAs Sub committee will independently score all applicants in all  domains set out by the ACCIA. They will be scored along conventional lines (0,2,6 and 10) but some weight will be given to their contributions to the field of stem cell transplantation both nationally and internationally and especially their work for the society and its goals. Each committee member will be given the opportunity to speak independently and confidentially. (If the candidate is a member of the committee, that person will be asked to leave the room). Candidates will be ranked on their total mean score out of 50 but outstanding contributions in individual domains will also be taken into account and it is not expected that candidates will have major contributions in all domains. The final ranking for each level of award will be a composite of mean scores and a discussion from the committee. If necessary there will be a vote and the chair will have a casting vote if necessary.

Recent Announcement for the 2022 ACCIA Awards Round:  


The ACCIA has recently announced that the 2022 round will commence on Wednesday 27th April 2022 and close on 5pm Wednesday 22nd June 2022.

The BSBMTCT NICAs Sub- Committee are now inviting applications for citation support, please see letter below from our President, Professor John Snowden.

BSBMTCT National Clinical Impact Awards 2022 Invitation FINAL

Contacts and Queries

If you have any queries about the BSBMTCT NCIAs Sub Committee please get in touch with either Prof Gordon Cook (BSBMTCT NICAs Committee Chair) at  or the Administrator (Committee Administrator) at


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