BSBMTCT Scientific Sub-Committee


Dr Matt Collin


The BSBMTCT Scientific Subcommittee aims to encourage wide interactions between clinician and scientists, in particular by reaching out to those who work in related areas. To this end, we aim to organize small scientific meetings / workshops in which we can bring together experts within very specific fields for in depth analysis and discussion. We anticipate that these meetings will help to foster better collaborations between individual research groups (and better grant applications) and provide a forum in which trainees can see what’s ‘out there’ before they decide upon what research to pursue. We also hope to organize a joint workshop with the CTSC devoted to planning and performing phase I/II studies in the current EU regulatory framework.

The Scientific Sub Committee also aims to encourage career development of new investigators (both clinician and scientist) in the transplantation sciences. This will hopefully feed into other plans by the BSBMTCT to provide for mentorship of our trainees, but will also use career development/grant writing workshops (equivalent to those run at the annual ASH meeting) to provide practical advice that is UK-relevant.

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