UK JACIE Inspector Training Course – 21st June, Cambridge

Had you ever considered becoming inspector with JACIE?  This is a great opportunity to see and learn how different centres approach stem cell transplantation and cell therapy and understand what works well and what works less well.  We are looking for enthusiast people with a background in clinical transplantation, cell collection, cell processing or quality management who would be interested in training as JACIE inspectors.  There is not a formal commitment but an expectation that you would be prepared to undertake 1 inspection per year.  This is usually a 2 day inspection in the UK or abroad with a team of between 3-8 other inspectors.  Inspection teams are almost always a international group and it is really collegiate community.  Becoming an inspector requires attending an inspector training course followed by joining an inspection as a supernumerary trainee inspector.  If you are interested we are running a 1 day JACIE inspector training course in the UK next summer on 21st June in Cambridge so an ideal opportunity.

If you are interested the full details will be published on the EBMT/JACIE website early next year but you can register your interest on the following link

If you have questions or you would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact me at


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