BSBMTCT Vaccination Sub-Committee

The BSBMTCT Vaccination sub-committee was formed in mid-2019 following discussions and with support from the NHSE BMT CRG and lead commissioner, Anthony Nolan and BSBMTCT with a view to the development of a harmonised UK guideline and/or policy on vaccination in the HSCT setting. The guideline has been in development over a series of meetings. The recent availability of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 is an important additional consideration and there are plans to extend the committee to include appropriate representation and expertise.

The core sub-committee is currently Paul Miller, Thushan de Silva, Alex Richter, Rod Skinner, Soonie Patel, Paul Heath,  Fiona Dignan & Kim Orchard, with oversight from John Snowden, BSBMTCT President.


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